Welcome to PACE at Wellington!

PACE@Wellington is an elective program hosted at Wellington Elementary that provides an enriched educational experience for students in grades 1-6. PACE is not an accelerated or remedial program. Our teachers follow the curriculum established by the Northshore School District. The addition of field trips, activities and parent volunteers in the classroom create an enriched environment designed to supplement the curriculum offered by the district.

PACE families are welcome members of the Wellington Elementary community and participate in all specialist (PE, Music, Library) and extracurricular activities at Wellington. PACE students and their families are an active and important part of the Wellington community and many PACE parents are heavily involved in our school outside of our PACE classrooms, including the PTA.

Enrichment activities offered by PACE@Wellington include outdoor education excursions, overnights to Pioneer Farms and IslandWood, half-day projects focused on science (STEM) and art, a student-produced newspaper and multiple field trips and classroom presentations each year designed to support all areas of learning. In addition, regularly-scheduled parent volunteers offer teachers the opportunity to use small-group learning to its fullest advantage in the classroom. In order to accomplish all of this, each PACE family is required to contribute 80 hours per year to the program. This requirement is per family, not per child, and remains the same regardless of the number of children enrolled in the program.

Interested in joining PACE?
Registration for the 2014-2015 lottery is now closed, however tours will be offered throughout the spring and there is space on our waitlists. Tours are required to register for the lottery or to be considered for a position on our waitlist. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact enrollment@pacewell.org.

In addition to Wellington Elementary, PACE also serves families from the following elementary schools: Bear Creek, Cottage Lake, East Ridge, Hollywood Hill, Kokanee, Sunrise, and Woodin. If your residential school is not listed, please visit the Northshore District PACE site to determine your school's PACE location.

Note: Due to district directives, PACE can no longer offer space to families new to the PACE program who are seeking to waiver in from outside the boundaries of the Northshore School District or from within the district from neighborhood schools not listed above.